Outlook Mail Settings | Outlook IMAP and POP Settings

Outlook IMAP Setting

Imap stands for Internet Message Access Protocol which is used to email clients to retrieve email message from the mail server over the standard TCP/IP protocol. It is a standard Internet Protocol. Imap was designed with the aim of management of an email box by multiple email clients. For retrieving email, a user must do IMAP setting in outlook. Imap setting helps to connect all sources with the respective server. Imap support huge mailbox and multiple accounts with the synchronization algorithm.

Before using outlook, IMAP setting must be done. For Imap protocol, it uses port 993 in outlook. Now let’s discuss how to manually set up IMAP setting in outlook.

Following steps will guide you to Outlook SMTP and IMAP Settings

  1. First, open Microsoft outlook from Microsoft Office package
  2. After that click on file menu and select +Add account option.
  3. New dialogue box will appear, then choose manually configure server setting.
  4. Then select POP or IMAP. Click Next

  5. Then fill the form of add account window with required details.
  6. Set account type and fill the form
  7. Set incoming mail server to imap-mail.outlook.com
  8. Set outgoing mail server to smtp-mail.outlook.com

  9. Click More Settings… and switch to outgoing server tab
  10. Then check my outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication as above
  11. After that switch to the Advanced tab
  12. Set Imap port to 993
  13. Select SSL as following type of encrypted connection.
  14. Set SMTP port to 587
  15. Select TLS as following type of encrypted connection.
  16. Click OK on internet E-mail settings
  17. Select Next wizard and which authenticate the user to enter the valid password.
  18. After authenticating the valid user it will test the account settings
  19. Click finish option when account test is completed successfully.
  20. Now Microsoft outlook is ready to retrieve all email through Imap setting.

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Outlook POP setting

POP stands for post office protocol used by email clients to retrieve email from the server in an internet protocol (IP) network. Pop is a mail handling tool. Pop3 is the latest version of Pop. Pop is used to store your emails on your computer rather than on the server. Pop is incoming mail server used in Microsoft outlook. Below is the diagram which explains how POP mail server works.

In the previous lesson, we already teach you how to manually do the Imap setting in outlook. Now let’s talk about the pop setting in outlook. Pop access in outlook is disabled as default. To enabled pop access follow the following steps as bellow.

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