BT Mail Settings | BT IMAP and SMTP Settings

BT mail IMAP setting

          The optional free email service which comes with BT Broadband is known as BT mail. It is a secure web-based application which can integrate with other services like Calendar and Contacts. It can also be operated with other email accounts and all your email can be managed from one place. You can use it from any internet connection and from any place in the world, from any different devices or computer because it’s a web-based email service. IMAP is used to retrieve the email from other sources. Now we will discuss about BT mail IMAP setting.

BT Mail Settings

Now Following are the steps for BT mail IMAP setting:

  1. On your Apple iPhone

  • At first, Click on “Settings” icon on your Apple device.
    BT Mail Settings in iPhone1
  • And then Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” options and click on “Add Account”.
    BT Mail Settings in iPhone2
  • After that Select “other” > click “Add Mail account”. Now fill in your details such as BT email id, password and tap “Next”.
    BT Mail Settings in iPhone3
  • Your Apple device will direct you to the “Settings” page confirming that your BT account has been set.
  • At last click on “Mail” app on the home screen to check your emails.

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  1. On your Android device

  • At first, Click on the “Mail”/ “Email” icon on the menu page.
    BT Mail Settings in Android1
  • Now Click “Other (IMAP)” and enter your BT email ID and the password in the box.
    BT Mail Settings in Android2
  • Then Click on “Next” and enter the name of the account.
  • Finally, Click “Finish Setup”.
    BT Mail Settings in Android3

Setup your BT account with your Email program with IMAP

            To access your BT email program from your desktop you’ll need to setup the IMAP setting as below:

  • Set BT mail IMAP server to
  • Set IMAP port to 993
  • Set IMAP security to SSL/TLS
  • Set your full email address as your IMAP username
  • Set your password as your IMAP password

BT mail SMTP setting

SMTP is the short form for Short for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, a protocol for sending e-mail messages between servers. SMTP is normally used to send the mail message and POP/IMAP is used to retrieve the mail message. SMTP mainly helps in mail transmission over the protocol. Now let’s discuss about the SMTP setting for BT mail.

Here are the SMTP settings for BT mail:

  • Set BT mail SMTP server to
  • Set SMTP port to 465 or 587
  • Set IMAP security to STARTTLS
  • Set your full email address as your SMTP username
  • Set your password as your SMTP password

Above given steps are the IMAP settings for BT mail and SMTP settings for BT mail. If you have any queries or confusion you can comment down on our link. For further more information please be in touch with us.

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